The Ethiopian Society of Internal Medicine via a collaboration with WCEA (Partner of the World Medical Association), has launched a free branded online platform and mobile app with an array of Free CPD resources for all medical practitioners from globally respected providers.

The App allows you to study online & offline. We will soon be providing free access to journals and articles and we are hosting webinars for which you will be able to register within the App.

Please complete your application now. We will review your application and approve your access to the online platform and mobile app.


What is CPD?

CPD is a wide range of training of health professionals after basic undergraduate or post-graduate training and encompasses a wide range competencies needed to deliver high quality medical services including medical, ethical, managerial, social, and personal skills.

CPD is a process that includes continuing medical education (CME)

Differences between CME and CPD

ESIM Planned Activities

  • Deliver training on Instructional design and adult training
  • Develop TOR for the panel of experts & establish the expert of panel
  • Develop working manual/SOP for the panel of experts
  • Conduct consultative meeting: fees, defining coverage of topics (clinical vs non-clinical, online vs face to face, etc )
  • Build capacity EPDC: HR, assets
  • Prepare and deliver CPD courses
  • Do CPD needs assessment ( develop technical document, solicit funding, employ consultant, do national assessment)

ESIM as a CPD Course-Provider

To guide the implementation of continuing professional development program, the Ministry has adopted and customized the national CPD guideline which was developed by the Food, medicine & Healthcare Administration & Control Authority of Ethiopia.