Modular training on Asthma & COPD

Modular training on Asthma & COPD with emphasis on spirometry and pulmonary function tests was conducted. The society in collaboration with Ethiopian Thoracic Society helped facilitate the program. Especially internal medicine residents were beneficiaries in the event with hands on demonstration of some selected tests.


ESIM conducts CME in Addis

ESIM conducts CME in Addis with collaboration with Astra Zeneca on metabolic disorders. The topics which were tailored to fit to an advanced level audience were very much helpful for the internists in the city. In the process the organizers gained a valuable experience in shaping CMEs and choosing experts.

ESIM nominates focal persons at regions

ESIM nominates focal persons for organizing ESIM activities in regions in collaboration with the Executive committee. ESIM will have representatives major cities across the country. The names and contact of the regional focal persons will be e-mailed to members. 

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