Case discussion platform during the time of COVID-19;

Dear ESIM members,

As you all Know, Ethiopian Society of Internal medicine (ESIM) strives to support its members on building their skills and knowledge . We have been

sharing pertinent resources to our members so far. Particularly, on these days of Covid-19 pandemic, we urge physicians to collaborate in sharing

their clinical wisdoms and acumen in managing our patients’ illness. Among the many possible means of communication, we found the platform,, to be useful on such occasions because it exclusively involves physicians and some of our members have already experience

participating in form. And, the founder of the platform is also a member of our society. Therefore, ESIM would like to invite you to actively participate

on this platform by sharing your clinical experiences and questions on Covid-19 through the discussion forum. We wish the discussion would focus

on COVID-19 case or suspect related issues in our context that we face day to day.

For visiting the site, use or

download the hakimoch app from Google play store or

send your cases via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Resources and guidelines for COVID-19

Greetings from ESIM!

Please kindly see the attached updates regarding COVID-19 which is helpful materials.

         Interim guideline for management of COVID 19 in adults (Australasian society for  Infectious diseases)

         Preparedness and vulnerability of African countries against importations of COVID-19 (Lancet)




Alert: Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic information



How to protect yourself from COVID 19

Research resources on COVID 19 for health professionals

Travel advice from WHO

WHO dashboard for updated information for COVID 19

COVID-19 Ethiopia information









































































































ESIM successfully conducted its 5th annual conference

ESIM successfully conducted its 5th annual conference on July 20 and 21 2019 at the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) conference hall. The meeting was accompanied by a medical exhibition that national and international companies were involved. 
The panel discussion was on public private partnership where minstry of finance, Ministry of Health, ESIM and Abt associates (Private Health Sector Program) were involved. The panel discussion was moderated by a consultant health economist (Professor Damen Hailemariam). Position statement was prepared to be submitted to the stakeholders. 
There were two update lectures on Malaria and new therapies of Diabetes by expert speakers. 
Our flagship program 'What is new in the year 2018/2019' addressed nine subspecialties of internal Medicine by consultant physicians on the field. 
There was one experience based case series research work on severe hypokalemia that attracted the attention of internists.
ESIM leadership did annual activity report and the financial audit report was also presented by the external professional auditor. Discussions were made on the report and vibrant ideas were shared from the members that will ultimately strengthen ESIM. 
ESIM sincerely acknowledges the generous support provided from sponsors and partners who participated in the conduct of this years annual conference. 


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