Case discussion platform during the time of COVID-19;

Dear ESIM members,

As you all Know, Ethiopian Society of Internal medicine (ESIM) strives to support its members on building their skills and knowledge . We have been

sharing pertinent resources to our members so far. Particularly, on these days of Covid-19 pandemic, we urge physicians to collaborate in sharing

their clinical wisdoms and acumen in managing our patients’ illness. Among the many possible means of communication, we found the platform,, to be useful on such occasions because it exclusively involves physicians and some of our members have already experience

participating in form. And, the founder of the platform is also a member of our society. Therefore, ESIM would like to invite you to actively participate

on this platform by sharing your clinical experiences and questions on Covid-19 through the discussion forum. We wish the discussion would focus

on COVID-19 case or suspect related issues in our context that we face day to day.

For visiting the site, use or

download the hakimoch app from Google play store or

send your cases via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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