It envisions and is committed to advance the knowledge and enrich the competency and performance of its members.

Education & Professional Development Committee (EPDC): Major Responsibilities

1.Establish EPD program and systems at ESIM

2. Register ESIM as CPD provider and Accreditor

3. Pre-accredit providers and CPD courses

4. Lead and coordinate delivery/administration of EPD trainings   5. Contribute  improvement in CPD program  management and

     administration in Ethiopia

6. Liaise with professional associations, medical faculties  & sponsors

7. Monitor the effectiveness of EPD activities

EPD Memebers

       Dr. Asfawosen G/Yohannes………..Chairman

       Dr. Manuel Kassaye: ………………….. Co-chairman

       Dr. Abdurezak Ahmed………………. Secretary

       Dr. Samuel Girma

       Dr. Lula Ahmed

       Dr. Aschalew Worku

       Dr. Mengitu Erkie

Performance 2014/15

       Drafted work plan for 2015

       Identified  CPD topics based on perceived needs

       Identified potential coarse authors

       Approached and held series of discussions with potential sponsors for CPD

       Secured funding  to run training on instructional design and adult training skills to potential authors/trainers

       Collected CVs of potential course authors

       Submitted Application  to FMHAC to be registered as accredited CPD provider


       Infantile organizational capacity

Planned Activities (2015)

       Deliver training on Instructional design and adult training

       Develop TOR for the panel of experts & establish the expert of panel

       Develop working manual/SOP for the panel of experts

       Conduct consultative meeting: fees, defining coverage of topics (clinical vs non-clinical, online vs face to face, etc )

       Build capacity EPDC: HR, assets

       Prepare and deliver CPD courses

       Do CPD needs assessment ( develop technical document, solicit funding, employ consultant, do national assessment)